*Make a copy of the entries planner spreadsheet

Writing (any medium):

W1. Breaking news

W2. In-depth/analysis news: single story

W3. In-depth news package: multiple stories

W4. General feature

W5. Personality Profile feature

W6. Sports news

W7. Sports feature

W8. Editorial (staff opinion, unsigned)

W9. Editorial Commentary (signed opinion)

W10. Personal Column

W11. Review


N1. Single issue, print

N2. News website

N3. Newspaper front page design

N4. Magazine cover

N5. Inside page design

N6. Double page spread/in-depth


Y1. Theme package (cover, end sheet, title page, opening, dividers, closing, parting page)

Y2. Academic spread

Y3. Sports spread

Y4. Club/Organization spread

Y5. People spread

Y6. Student life spread

Y7. Non-traditional coverage spread

Y8. All coverage device (a theme-related mod, at least five uses)

Y9. Cover design


(Submit web links on the entry form for services such as,, or other hosting services our judges can access with the link.)

B1. News broadcast package

B2. Human interest package

B3. Sports package

B4. Live sports coverage


PC1. News radio/podcast

PC2. Human interest radio/podcast

PC3. Sports radio/podcast

Photography (any medium):

P1. News photo

P2. Human interest/feature photo

P3. Sports action photo

P4: Sports reaction photo

P5. Photo story / slideshow

Art (any medium):

A1. Editorial cartoon

A2. Comic strip

A3. Illustration

A4. Print Infographic

A5. Online/Interactive Infographic


(Professional logos okay; no agency slicks or prepared slicks)

AD1. Single ad, student-produced