Here are a few of the frequently asked questions about the Student Media Olympics. If you can’t find the answer to your questions here, please email us.

Can I use my 10 free entries for different publications? 

Yes. Each member adviser receives 10 free entries, and you may divide them among your publications however you would like.

Can I change the number of entries after I submit the registration form? 

Yes. Simply submit a new registration form with the correct number of entries. We will use the most recently submitted contest entry form.

Can I pay by purchase order? 

You can select to receive an invoice for contest fees. We will send the invoice to the email(s) provided on the registration form.

Why is the deadline before the end of the year? 

By closing the contest in April, we are able to recognize students for their work before the end of the school year. This also allows advisers to use awards in end-of-year celebrations and offers seniors a chance to get recognition for their work before moving on from high school. Note that you can still enter work from the end of the year in next year’s contest.

When will we be notified if we received any awards? 

Judging ends toward the end of April, and announcements will be made mid-May. Winners will be announced on the OJEA website, and certificates will be mailed to schools.

How do I submit a contest entry? 

After completing the contest registration form, proceed to the contest entry uploading page to submit your work. Print entries can be submitted in PDF (or JPG format for images). Broadcast, radio, video and online entries must be submitted as a direct URL link to the content.

How do I reduce the file size of my PDFs? 

If you have Adobe Acrobat DC (formerly called Acrobat Pro), you can follow these instructions. Alternatively, you could re-export the file from InDesign and select “Smallest File Size” for export. PDFs should not exceed 5 MB.

How do I export two pages as a spread? 

From InDesign, select the “spread” checkbox. Take a look at this image for reference.

How will I know if my file upload was successful? 

You should be redirected to a “Congratulations!” page when your upload is complete. You will also receive an email confirmation at the address you entered on the entry uploading page.

My upload was interrupted and failed. What should I do? 

Return to the uploading page to re-upload your entry.